Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This month marks 8 months left on my mission. 8/2/2011

Goofy pictures of Elder Rasmussen.

Looks like Elder Rasmussen is still the same goofy guy.
Concentration to sink this putt.
Dear MOM & El Papito,
    I can't believe it is August it blows my mind. I have been doing great, but the fact that I will be at 8 months left stinks so bad because I love it here and I can't believe that I am so close to finishing my mission. I am staying with Elder Decker for his last transfer. He leaves at the end of this one. He is by far one of the best companions that I have had. But the good thing about us is that we get along with everyone. The ward loves both of us because we have a personality and we can work as well.
   I love this ward so much they remind me so much of a Utah ward. They really are always there for each other. The Bishop is so awesome he makes me laugh so much. He loves it when we make the ward feel at home and show our personalities.
Tell Jessica that I say thank you for what she said about me. That really helps out, she is such a good friend and I want you to tell her that I hope that she enjoys being away from home and starting her life. I know that it is really crazy, I have to do so much catching up when I get home but right now I really don't care. That is why I really want to focus on my investigators this down ward slope. I know that if I do that I will love them more and know for a fact that I did SERVE an honorable mission, not just went on a mission.
     The Baptism was so good! They are so solid. I love them so much. They are so great and that is why I want you to do that picture for me if you would. I really  need it. They all looked so good in white. I love the fact that they were so ready. They are so solid right now. We went by last night and Courtney just got done from Cross country and she was reading in 1 Nephi. It was Awesome to see that she yelled at us for ruining her reading. Ha-ha.
I love this work and it is so great. I know that My Savior lives and is happy with all of those that share this gospel. It is to cleanse us not to condemn us. I want you to know that. You must share it with all that you can. Even if it is just saying hello, they will see your example and it will be such a strength to your testimony.
I love you both, I want you to know that this work makes me so happy and I will be sad when I have to leave but I know that it will be what the Lord has need for me to do. I love this opportunity that I have to serve. I can't believe that in the past I didn't really know if I wanted to serve and if I was going to. I never told  you that but I did have those thoughts. I am so grateful for the Spirit in directing me on to the path. I love this work so much!!!!
I love you and I pray for you.
Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen
PS I HAVE MORE GOOFY PICTURES!!!! I can't believe you thought that I would quit being goofy.

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