Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7/19/2011 Can't believe Lance is home.

My dad and Lance who is home from his mission.
Dear Mom and Dad,
I want to start of by saying that I sent a letter for Grandma Ruth and Grandma and Grandpa Tonks, as well as a check that Grandma Ruth sent me to have you put in my checking account.
 I can't believe that Lance is home. He looks so good, I can tell that he has changed, and it is so awesome to see that. I can say that what he said in his talk was powerful, I know that it is something that my life has been changed because of the fact that I have become closer to my Savior Jesus Christ, while I have been out here on my mission.
 I have been able to see the fact that I have grown so much out here. I know that the work is true. I have see 
many miracles in this work. I can feel something so special as I serve here. I really feel something special as I serve in Cleveland. There is a special spirit about that city. I have come to realize that this work is so special. I have never wanted to help people so much. We found this new investigator family. They are so amazing the spirit is preparing them so much. I have grown to love the work so much. I want you to know that I am sorry for the hard time that I gave you throughout my whole life. I will let you know that I will still joke around with you but that is a given.
I love you so much. You both are goofs and that is what I love about you. I can't wait till I can say that I have "SERVED" a full time mission for "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" I love this work and those that I come in contact with. I love the work that the Lord has us do, though it may be hard at times, it is such a blessing to be here. I love the leaders that lead me and direct me but I know that as a leader I need to be an example just like Jesus Christ. I love this work with all of my heart.
I love you, don't think otherwise.
Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen
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