Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Place in Ohio 6/27/11

Dear Family,
I have been good, I am now in Youngstown, which for two years running it was the murder capital of the nation. I am with Elder Wyatt Decker and he is an awesome guy. I really enjoy him. He is training me right now. He is from central Oregon. He is really cool, and we just had a Baptism this last Sunday. The weather has been fine here. Just hot at times and rainy the others. If you would delete those pictures and then send it to me that would be fine.
That is good to hear that Carter was born. He looks so angry in his pictures, it is because I wasn't there. I know what he was thinking. I will definitely have to get him into sports. I will laugh when he is taller than Jason. He really is small. Kadence has gotten so BIG! Holy cow that is crazy that she has grown that big, in that picture with you and both of them that is nuts of how big she is.
I really thought that was funny that you sent me a picture of that dog. HE was a goofy looking dog. The Harvey's have really done a lot with the farm, that pen looks nice and I am glad that they got it done finally. Are they doing better this year with milk prices? or are they struggling? I hope not because "Chimpmuck" better be doing really good on the dariy because we know how that is.
I wasn't going to tell you but I am a Zone leader ( and I knew that you would find out soon.)
I really wonder what the Lord has in store for me. I really hope that I can honor my calling and build up the zone. I love you all
I hope the best for you and I love you with all of my heart.
Elder Tyler Rasmussen
Ps I will get pictures soon I have to take one with Elder Decker.

I was also wondering if you could send me some Home made OREOS to this address so that I can take them to a leadership meeting in two weeks. To give to Elder LaBar. We have a meeting on the 5th, I know that might be rushing you but if you could that would be awesome, if not oh well.
Love you
My new address:  349 Churchill Road #3
                     Girard, OH  44420

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