Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm a Zone Leader 7/2/2011

Elder Decker and Elder Rasmussen
Karate Kid?  Not really sure what he's up to.

Elder Decker and Elder Rasmussen hanging around.

Dear Family,
I am emailing right now because I won't have any time next week. We have P-Day on Monday but everything else is closed, and I will be in meetings for the next two days after. We are having Zone Leader Counsel this Tuesday. In that I believe we discuss what the mission can do and we work for that in training our zones on 
these new things that go on in the mission.
After that we will be having a leadership training meeting and it will be in the Kirtland Stake Center. So this really is my only day to do this. I Have been good. I got your package. Thank you so much. I will be doing a lot more this next week. We aren't really teaching a lot of people we need to find more. We have been trying to get more, through fasting and much prayer. We have been finding a lot of potential investigators. We have found a lady that gave us free Lemonade because she had met with the Sister Missionaries in the past. We want to stop by her and help her see the power of the Gospel in her life and the life of her family.
Elder Decker is a great missionary and he really is a good one that wants to work. We are a lot alike and we are working hard to make it possible that we can serve the Lord with all purpose of Heart. I have noticed that as a Zone Leader or any leader at that matter, you really have to be more focused and that is what I wanted. I know that I can do a lot of  good in this mission. I want to do all that I can in order to help all of those that need the help. The only Problem is that I feel that I need to be a different person, and that is what I love about serving with Elder Decker. We  don't let "Leadership" aka power get to us like some do. We are still our goofy selves that try to have spiritual uplifting experiences. I know that it is something awesome to do this work.
I have grown to love it with all of my heart. I want you to let everyone that I am grateful for their support, and that I thank them for their prayers. I really want to do all that I can in order to do what the Lord has in store for me. I feel there is much more that I have in store. I am grateful for the love that you both have shown me throughout my life, it has touched me in times of trial and heart ache. I love you with all of my heart. I and I want to commit you and Dad to pray with each other before you go to bed vocally. Do it even if you are tired. Share what you love about each other. I know that this is the way that the power of prayer is meant to be.
I love you both, tell Jason Congrats, and Tiff, Boys are dumb. Tell Val that I love the picture where Kadence is mad.
I love you truly I do,
 Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

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