Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 21, 2011 Getting transferred.

 What a crazy BUNCH of Elders!

 Go Tyler Go!
Dear El Papito,

     I am grateful for the letter. I am sorry that I didn't tell you Happy Father's day but I want you to know that I meant to, so Happy Father's Day. I have been good and I think that is cool that the Ward is doing that. I found an awesome scripture that touched me today and that is so tough to think what one is my favorite. I would like you to have them put Alma 23:7; which talks about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's and how they put down their weapons of rebellion. It didn't say war but it said rebellion, and I was thinking that I need to quit rebelling in a sense because I know that I have so much more potential and it is because I am rebelling in a sense not doing everything that I can.

     I love Cats in the Cradle and I miss listening to that song. I Hope that all is well back on the "Ranch" as Don would say. I love you so much. I am being transferred to a new area and I have really grown to love this area. I am so glad that I get to work for the Savior so much. I love this work with all of my heart and It is such a blessing that I get to do all that the Lord wants me to do. I hope that you will have a great week and I love you don't let anything let you think other wise.

Love Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

Dear MOM,

I had HAMBURGERS AND CHICKEN TOO FOR FATHER"S DAY!!! I am glad that someone else grilled on the grill ha ha. I really do love doing that. I am really happy that you enjoyed father's day. It sounds like you all had fun and I hope that you will be doing a lot more this next week. I heard about the thing that the ward is doing that is cool. I really hope that you all have a good time during this summer season.

I have just been told that I will be transferred, I really knew I was only here for Don Headley. He is such a amazing guy. I really have grown to love him. I have also learned that we all need to quit rebelling against Heavenly Father. I read in Alma 23:7 today and it talks about how we need to lay down our weapons of rebellion. As I will be transferred I want to work to gain 5 baptisms. I want to help so many more people here and I want them to work to obtain that. I know that they can and I am so excited to help people come unto Christ. I really have grown to love the people here in Ohio.

I have really enjoyed it here in Ashtabula and it is so good to work with the members here. I am really grateful for the work that has been done. I really am so sorry that I don't write much but I have just a little bit of time. I really do love you. I have some good songs that you would like. They are of the piano. I just really want to let you know that I do want the best for my investigators and that I will write more when I am in my new area and I will let you know the throw down. I would still like you to surprise Elder O'Donley with that package. I will let you know my new address next email. I hope that you have a good day and that you enjoy the weather in GOOD OLD UTAH

Elder Tyler Rasmussen

PS tell Lance That I really am glad that he served a mission.

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