Monday, May 23, 2011

New companion

Dear MOM,
     I am glad for this email it made me laugh. My new companion is Elder O'Donley and he is from Sacramento California. Elder Dowley is now it Lakewood right next to where I served when I was in Cleveland. I really will miss him though he is by far my favorite companion and he is really cool, I can't wait to wear my AWESOME suit that no one appreciates :P to his homecoming.
    I love what little kids say that is so funny that he said that. I think that that would be funny to have seen. How many grand children does Grandma have? She also hung up on me as she was giving the phone away to Mack and Case, man they sound so old!
    I am so glad that you got to meet the Birkelands! they are so awesome I love them and I love the fact that I know that they know someone that I do so that I can visit them at times.  What did they say to you or did you talk to them first? Did they see Grandma and Grandpa up there?
     Well since you are going to California I will be going to Ohio so there! I hope you are happy :P. But since you are going to CA I will be going to Australia without you I am sorry to tell you that but you will have to just stay home in good ole' Pleasant Valley while I am in AUSTRALIA tisk tisk tisk. I hope that you have fun and that you enjoy the sun while you can.  I can't believe that Lance comes home so soon!!! That is so weird. I can't believe it because I thought that he was staying out a little longer. I forgot when he went into the MTC.
    Things here have been good. I really have had a hard time without Elder Dowley, we got a long so good, It was so weird to have him leave the area because I really grew to love him. I am grateful though because I know that we would have had way to much fun Soaring on our bikes and everything. Elder O'Donley is cool just a little different to what I am use to. I hope that we can get along it seems like we won't but I have been told that I can get a long with almost everyone. I hope that he will open up, he is a good missionary just really shy.
    I have been good and there isn't much to say after this parting thought, but I must say don't eat yellow snow! it is bad stuff.
   But I do love you all and I hope that you have a good one. I love you even though you hate my suit.

:P Love,
        Elder Rasmussen

P.S. please give Aunt Adele my email. and tell her that when that suit was in style it was hot! ha ha ha ha Love you all Enjoy the pictures

We rode to the lake at 6 in the morning so these are cool stuff.

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