Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother's Day

Dear Parentals (plus Siblings{in-laws} because I love you),

     I don't have anything to say what so ever.....well I do. It was really good to talk with you and the family. I really appreciate the opportunity with talking to you. I know that it was something great to talk to you. I am glad that you got to talk to Elder Dowley, (and Valerie and Dallas he really is super Jealous that he doesn't know Kadence), due to the fact he is being transferred. I am pretty sad because we have really gotten along so well. We didn't argue once and it was so great to just have a companion that gets along and works hard.

     We may not of had all the success in the world, such as baptisms but we did get a lot done I believe. I love it here in Ashtabula it is really a great place. The members are so amazing and easy to get a long with. I really love this work.

     Not much has gone on since my last talking with you just that we have had to pack for Elder Dowley. I will be getting a new companion this Wednesday and I hope that we will make things happen. I have been told many times by many of my companions that I am a Spiritual Giant. I am really touched by this especially since last night Elder Dowley told me this and it really touched me because I don't really think that I impact people the way I do. I really think that I can do so much more for people, but I have really come to see that the Talents that I have are not physical talents but more spiritual talents. I have been told that I am so in tune with the spirit and that I can follow it really well. I have also been called by Elder LaBar (I love this missionary so much) a "Service Whore" because all I do is service for my companions and everything.

     I really have gained so much charity for those I serve and love. I know that those that I am around may think that I am serious as I have been told but that I can really grow to love them.

    I hope that all goes well, Mom; with the YW dinner and with the Baby shower, Tiffany; with your favorite chore "SPRINKLERS" Jason and Alicia with June and Val and Dal with all of the baby caring, working and everything else.

       With much love, (I really mean it)

               Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

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