Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Easter

Dear Mom,
I love the pictures of Kadence, she is so cute. When is Jason and Alicia due?

I really appreciate the email. Tell all those returned missionaries that I said "thank you for your work and I really wish that you could still feel the joy that the full time service has, but continue to work with all your might, mind, and strength."
I am surprised at all of the people that asked about me, that is really cool. I hope that all of them are doing well. I receive letters from Karsen and Justin and occasionally Jacob. But let them know that I said hi and Thanks for asking me.

I can see that you still love my dog!!!! ha ha I doubt that once I return he will be my dog anymore, I believe that Grandpa and you both have taken him for keeps. I still think it is funny of how Grandpa really didn't want a dog to bother him when he was moving in at first now he feeds him treats and all other things. It sounds like you don't have a busy schedule for this coming summer.....well it actually really does. I would gladly help, but as you know I can't right now. I was thinking that once I get home which is a while to have some stuff for me to do. Sound good okay sounds good to me.

I had to give a talk yesterday which means that in everyone of my areas I have had to give a talk. It was good but I had to condense a 15 minute talk to 5 minutes, it was really short that is for sure. As for your talk. I know that as I have been so involved in Missionary work I have become much closer to the Lord. So one thing that I can let you know is that if you focus it on how when you were doing the Lord's will you were much more fully in his presence and when we Celebrate his birth during this Easter season then we see that he began his life to fulfill all righteousness at a young age. He did the will of the father from the beginning. So how much more do we need to do His will now to give the gospel to those that need it.

I will get you pictures as soon as I can. i want to send a package home consisting of the wool socks, and I will then send my flash drive home but right now I need to get it ready to send. I hope that that will do.
I love you all.

I am trying to write everyone but I don't have time. Please let everyone know and tell them I am sorry

Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

Dear Mom,

  I did receive the package that you sent me. I really liked it. I really think it is funny that you sent me that newspaper article about Katie Richens, the reason I think it is funny is that I never told you anything about her. Now she is like Jessica and she will just come up to you and talk to you. Ha ha that makes me laugh. She is a really cool girl. Don't you just love how moms know a lot of stuff? I think that it is kind of unfair :P. I am glad to hear that Taylor Wrote me. I wrote him like almost 6 months ago. Katie did tell me that she was going to Alaska, that is so weird.

I am glad to hear that Lexi is balling it up. She will be a good player if she keeps it up. I know that she will be really good. I am glad to hear that Adele is doing good. How is Bear?

I love your pictures that you send me. You need to tell Jessica In very nice way that she is slacking on writing me :P I really have a lot to write back home. I will be sending a package home when I get some more money. I was wondering if you could send me a CTR ring but if not that is okay.

Things here are great, my companion loved what you sent him as well. I really think that all of my companions love you because you send them stuff too. I think that it is cool that you have done that for all of my companions.

I hope that you have a good one. I love you and please let my friends know that I say hello. Also since you are doing my Facebook if you could add Brenda Polanco, she has sent a friend request, she would appreciate that ha ha.

Elder Rasmussen

Helo Mate,

  Have any shimp on the barby? ha ha. Things are going great. I have on a clip on tie that an investigator gave me and so does Elder Dowley. I love the work it really is good. I have been blessed to see the impact of the work in my life. I have had some really hard times that is for sure, and as well I have had many good times. I am glad to hear that you are having success with the rock business. I hope that when I get home this next April that I will be able to work for you and help out in the summer. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do and I still don't know. I don't know if that is how you were when you were out a year in the field.

  I hope that you are ready to have a grandson that you can spoil rotten and make him learn to work. Just don't fire him that might ruin the AbueloPapito you know that I am right. Even if I don't get as spoiled as Tiffany and get paid $12/per hour when I hardly work ha ha. Things are good though we are excited for Jon Brooks he is going to be baptized if all goes to plan.

I hope that all is well. Let me know how everything is and if you could do me a favor and get my online banking back that would be great then I could check my checking account with out losing money as if I were to do it at a ATM.

Elder Rasmussen

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