Monday, May 2, 2011

Jason Graduates

 The suit that Tyler bought.  It's one that was probably
worn in the 70's.  And the ceramic Lion?
  They found it in the attic.

Jason graduated from UVU.  It's about time.

                                                  Congratulations Bro!  April 29, 2011

Dear MOM,
   I want to answer your questions first then I will comment on the email. There has not been any flooding where I have been in Ashtabula. It is crazy weather here though because it is Ohio. I have been good. there hasn't been any tornadoes up here that I know of and I know what to do when there is one. We get trained on the manner every year. I did hear about the deaths in the south. It is sad but it is a sign of the coming of Jesus Christ. I myself am looking forward to that rather than the sadness of the death of all of those people because now they get their chance to receive the Gospel, and we never know maybe that is the only way that they would receive it.

    I love my new area! It is so great! The members are great, and I love to see people change. Elder Dowley has been my best companion because we haven't had one dispute. I love it, he is such a funny person and I have learned a lot from him. I hope that he will be here another Transfer. We have gotten a lot done. We haven't had success with a baptism but we have been teaching a lot and we are focusing on how we can help those come closer and gain a vision of what they can become. I know that Elder Dowley and I are meant to be and to help those that stand in need of our help. The area that I am in is just by the lake. Today we are going to go to the Beach and take pictures so I will send some to you in an envelope so that you have hard prints, because the computers that I use here don't allow me to up load a lot.

    I was planning on writing you a hand written letter and I will do that shortly but I have not had a lot of time to do it. I know that you would enjoy that because I can read your mind =P (that is what sons do). The picture that I sent you was of Elder Dowley and I. I have one with a sweet (dad will love this).......70's suit! It is orange and has bell bottom pants. I can't wear it teaching so I took pictures with our pet LION. I hope you like them. It will make you laugh.
You will have to tell Jason that I said congrats, and I loved the Last picture.  I love him to death and I am so excited for him to have finally graduated! Tell him congrats for me if you can. Wasn't Kadence suppose to be born on June 20th as well? If so that is so crazy! I hope all goes well and that Carter will be a stud. I will have to spoil Carter and Kadence, because I am two years behind, I mean I have to catch up don't I?!?! =P Okay so about Mother's day If you get out of Church at 2, that means it will be 4 here. I still have to work it out with Elder Dowley but I was thinking about calling you around 3-4ish your time. Meaning my time I would have to call you around 5 or 6. We will shoot for that and I will talk to Elder Dowley before hand and if all else fails I will call you on Saturday to let you know what time I will call on Sunday. So if I do, do that you will have to hold your excitement until the actual day of Dia de madres.

    Thank you for the Email, and asking Jessica in a nice way to write me ha ha. I am grateful for all that you do and I hope that you enjoy the wonderful day for mothers in the coming week. I know that it will be a good one. I love you. I hope the best with the Business and the oil pits. I hope all is well with Dash that you will forgive him for his wrong doings just as the Savior forgives you =P (sorry I had to pull that, I can't believe you chain up my pooch! I mean come on He was just giving you a present for all the things you do for him, ha ha I love that dog) I Love you and I hope that you have a good one. By the way you can do skype if you know what that is but I don't want to do it this Mother's day. (PS THIS IS MY LAST MOTHER'S DAY IN THE FIELD)

    Love always,
    Elder Rasmussen

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