Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greetings family 3-7-2011

Dear Family,
This week I just want to send out one letter for the whole family that you can forward.  I have been good here in Cleveland. Elder LaBar is again my companion and I am loving it for those who didn't know. He is really cool. We work well together and it is good to have that because we can get a lot done. We had to change the Baptismal date for Daniel Feliciano to the 26th of March and he will be baptized on this day. We are trying to go to Kirtland with him for this next weekend with all of the young men. We are both really excited for him because he will do a lot for the Church.
Elder LaBar and myself have some fun times. We are now doing something that is called Companionship Challenges! What this is that one of us picks something that we have to do and the other has to do it first and then the said person that picks does it next. It is a great way to get trust down.... or just to have fun ha ha.
I am glad to hear that all is well with Valerie and Dallas and Kadence. I think that is really funny that she rolled all the way under the bed.
I really just want you all to know that I love you and that I am really glad to be out here. It is really amazing to see people's lives change in this poor City, or as Elder LaBar says, "The most depressing city in the world!" If you were here you would understand because it has to do with there is no one out side and everyone on the street walking looks like they what to destroy someone.
I know that this work is true and that the world needs the Gospel. I love this work and I am grateful for this opportunity to serve.
With Love,
Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

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