Friday, March 4, 2011

E-mail from Sister Birkeland

Brother & Sister Rasmussen,
It was pretty amazing when your son came to serve in the Spanish Branch, which is in the same building as the Mission Office.  I asked where he was from and when I told him where Elder Birkeland & I lived in American Fork...To our amazement we realized that we knew his grandparents.  We met them while they were serving in Illinois.  In fact they were visiting the Ostlers, Elder Birkeland's sister and her husband just before they left to come home.  Then when we got home and I started my walks in the neighborhood - who should I come across but Grampa Lorin, of course, working hard in your sister's yard.  Oft times we have waved and spoken to one another.  One day he told us of the move to your place and the building of a
1 level smaller home.  Yes!, we said.  No more stairs!  They invited us up to the new home but we turned in our papers to serve another mission and here we are serving in the great Ohio Cleveland Mission with your son. 
Elder Rasmussen is an amazingly hard worker and we have so appreciated him lending a hand to us 'ole folks in the office.  He is always willing and doesn't need prodding.  His work with cabinets had given us hope that we can fix a bunkbed.  He and his companion have helped Elder Birkeland with movement of cars and furniture.  He always has a welcome smile and a warm greeting when he enters the office.  You are blessed to have such a fine and honorable young son.  It's a blessing to serve him and all the missionaries here.  I told him that I wanted to come and see his dog but he did say that by the time he got home he wasn't sure who the dog would call master - himself or grampa.  We love your son.
If you could send me his grandparents email address I'd love to drop them a line.
Thank you and thank you for preparing your strippling warrior for a mission.
Love, Sister Birkeland
It's so cool as a parent to get e-mails from other missionaries who see your son and work with him in his mission.  I thought I would share this e-mail that was sent to us.

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