Monday, March 21, 2011

Baptism coming up this week.

This was the picture I
gave to Anabelita.

Dear Mom y El Papito,
Things have been great. We did get to go to Kirtland with Daniel on Saturday and also on Sunday we went right back up there with Omar Lopez and Anabel Sanchez and Anabelita for a fireside for investigators. It was SO good to go to Kirtland with Daniel. He understood most of it but he didn't really get it all in Spanish. We tried to translate it for him the best that we could, but that turned out difficult. Daniel will be baptized this weekend for sure, he is going to have to go through a lot of trials but We know that he will be good.
Omar and Anabel are so great. They quit smoking before we asked them to and before we taught the word of wisdom. It is so cool to see the change in people. I gave Anabelita (she is 6) the Picture of Christ being baptized that you sent me, which was my favorite. She says that when she is 8 she is getting baptized!
You will have to tell Morgan that I said Hello and I am glad that he is safe and now sealed! I love this work so much and it is really cool to see the fact that it is true. Who did Solae' marry? You will have to Tell Diane Reynolds that I said Hola y gracias por tu bondad para oraba para mi. I am really grateful for those that think about me, it is so crazy because I don't really think of them right now because I am so involved with Daniel, Omar, Anabel and their family that I don't have time to think of home. It is crazy because when we don't have a lot to do then that is when we think of home. I know that this Church is true and that when I am so immersed in the work that I really don't have any thoughts of home but just for the Salvation of those that I am teaching and love.
I am really grateful for the letter it was great to see. I hope all is well. If you could do me a favor and ask Jessica Willard if she got the letter for Kaycee Prevedel and if she was able to give it to her. I sent it to her because I didn't know Kaycee's address.
I am really grateful for the love that I can feel that Heavenly Father has for me and those I love.
I love you all,
Elder Rasmussen

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Adam and Michelle Bradbury said...

Muchas gracias por los cartas y noticias tuas Elder. todos nosotros gustamos-nos mucho en leia-los. Yo espero el bien por tu y tua obra. Mis muchachos hacem oracion cada dia por ti. Si cuida amigo, e trabaja mas que nunca.