Monday, January 24, 2011

Hola from Ty

Dear Dad,
I have been doing good. Things are great, it was actually raining today. I am glad that Grandma Ruth liked the letter that I gave her. Ha I have been told that I look very young. Ha I am glad that I have a smile that is still the same. We have had more success now and it is great because we are starting to pick up now. It was hard last transfer because I haven't seen many investigators. I am doing really good though. Elder Paul is funny and sometimes it is hard, mostly because we both have the attitude that we are right, and we have these stupid arguments. One that I thought was funny was that of what defines a "Tractor" and "Backhoe" or in other words an "Excavator" I being a farm/excavator boy knew the difference. It was really funny now that I look back at it. But like I said it was hard just because I hate little pointless arguments and now I just stop them and say I am wrong no matter if  I am right or not.  Thanks for the letter and I hope that all is well, I love you and I hope that you have a good one.    Con amor,    Elder Rasmussen           

I don't have much time. I sent the tag home because it was starting to break and I have been able to buy some more. I will be sending other things home soon.  I have been great though. This last week was good I have been really excited to receive an email this week ha ha. I hope all is well there. We have been doing a lot of work out here and it has really shown. We have set a Baptismal date with an investigator whose nick name is Smiley, and this has nothing to do with him smiling. He doesn't really smile. He is really humble and he doesn't want to get baptized without learning everything, which is good because we don't want him to either unless he is ready and worthy.    I have had a lot of cool things happen out here, one being that I honestly don't have to eat a whole lot with the members because of my stomach, while the other elders in the branch have to eat all of it. Which is a lot in the Spanish culture. it is really funny to me because it is a blessing to where I won't get really fat. I love it. I have realized that I have great potential, now I just have to reach it. I love this work and It is really great to see the change in myself.  I have found that I am truly loving the people. OH AND BY THE WAY I AM WITH MY SON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Ha Elder LaBar.   Well I love you so much and Thank you for all that you do.   Con amor,   Elder Rasmussen

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