Monday, January 24, 2011

Here's my letter

I am writing right now because I haven't gotten a letter from you and I don't know if I will get one from you because I probably won't get it until next week.
I have been doing good. Transfers were last week and I am still in Cleveland. Elder Paul and I have had some really cool stuff happen this last week with him. We have had a hard time together with getting by investigators. But we have found some pretty solid ones that seem very promising. I am really excited to see them progress. It is really cool to see people's life change because of what they are changing isn't something that they are use to.
The people that we teach truly are being prepared. we have stopped by a lot of  formers and they are ready to listen more.
I have had quite a lot to think about this past week. I have been studying Humility and I am really starting to understand a particle of it. I have found out that this work can't be done by myself alone. I have that type of work ethic that I need to do it my way and I find that if I do then It doesn't go as well. The work truly can't be done with out the Savior. He is there because He is the way, The Great I Am.
I have changed I can tell. I love this work. I love the joy it brings. I know that my Savior lives and the He Loves me. I know that I will continue to grow spiritually. I don't want to stop because it is hard for me to be halted. I don't like being Lazy. I am grateful for you both and I hope that you have a good day, Tell everyone that I love them and tell Valerie I got the Package today. Thank you and Love you all.
Elder Rasmussen

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