Monday, January 24, 2011

Heading towards the New Year

Dear Family,
Well not much has gone on since I called you on Christmas. I have been doing good and I am still loving it out here. I have had a good time for the past while. Elder Paul is my Companion. He is a good missionary I love him, and we are starting to see a change.
Transfers are this next week so I won't be able to write until Tuesday. I don't know if I will be transferred or not. I do know that where ever I go is where I need to go. I love this work. I am grateful for the people that I have been able to come in contact with. I really like this area, it has a lot of potential. I am a little sad though that we haven't had much success. I was talking to Elder Price today, my District Leader. We were talking about how when you get two missionaries that want to work their hardest you will see miracles, but if you don't both want to work the hardest you won't see much. I have felt that that is how my past four transfers have been. I have never felt so lazy since last week. I want to work my hardest and I feel that I can't do everything. I have learned a lot that it is sometimes easier to do it yourself, but you can't because you will be burned out. I am not saying this to complain, but rather to show that I really want to do much more.
I don't want to be lazy, I want to work. I feel that I have been lacking in that regard since Elder Fernandez left. He knew his purpose, and I know mine, but I can not do it all. I feel that I have truly been humbled and that I know that the Lord is on my side. I love this work because He will help me when I ask for it. He will make that way where I will be able to receive more knowledge and revelation then I will be able to have. I want to do all that I can in order to be a great missionary. President Sorensen has told me in an Interview that he needs me and what I am becoming to be. I want to do all that I can to do what the Lord wants me to do.
I can't wait to truly work my heart out and see a lot of success and that others will receive the gospel.
I want you to know that I am grateful for this mission for myself, because I have grown so much. I have found that I was really lazy and that I truly don't see myself wasting my time anymore. I had to stay in all day one day because of my stomach, and I was so mad that I couldn't do anything. I hate being lazy, and I am grateful for this opportunity to do what the Lord wants me to do. I have been blessed to be in this mission. I love it. I have come to know that this Church truly is true and that it grows more and more in my life, that I don't want to stray away ever. I love this, thank you for allowing me to serve. I have been blessed.
I will leave that with you in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Con Amor,
Elder Tyler Rasmussen

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