Friday, December 24, 2010

November 23, 2010

Well I want to thank you for the Letter. It was good to hear from you. So I did get both of the Packages and I really liked the one from the YM y YW. It was good. I Realized I don't know pretty much any of them. Other than Jetson, Jessica, Courtney, Missy, Suzie, Randy. Other than that I don't know any of the Duncans or Andersens I believe. But it was really cool I think On Jueves I will write a letter to all of them for you to read During Church to them all. It was really good to see that they and fun and enjoyed it. How many missionaries do we have in the field from our Ward? I know that Elder Roberts is Training now! ha ha I was glad to hear that because he was like in a letter "by the way you are writing me are you an Assistant now?" and later he was like I understand now how you were humbled. It was great to see the Lord molding him. I still don't know about the phone card but maybe I will call you and then have you call back on the phone so that you can use the phone card at home so we don't have to exchange information. But I will find out if I need one or not.

I had to get that Card for Tiff. Because it was quite funny and you know how we are now with singing cards. ha ha. I was going to get her a Diego/Dora card because it has some Spanish in it. I totally had to get her one. Tell her that I was about to send her an "OREO" bowl to add to her collection of bowls out of the mission apartments.... ha ha

So yesterday the 22 of November I was called and told that I will be transferred this transfers, out of Zone to another Zone. I don't know if I will be doing anything like District Leader or not but I will probably go to Cleveland. I didn't realize how much stuff I need to pack, 6 months can make you accumulate many things. I want you to know that I had to open your gift to me, just the box so that I can pack all the stuff more efficiently but I haven't opened the wrapped stuff yet, not until my Birthday. It is great to hear from you all. I have been having a great time out here. There is a Man whose name is Freddie Van NewKirk, Well I helped him get the Melc. Priesthood. And it is such a great thing to see him change and desire to be sealed to his wife for all time and eternity. I feel that this last 2 transfers, though without a lot of success; such as in numbers, I have been meant to be here for him. I told him that the Temple is in the world but not of the world. He said that, that phrase was what gave him a new light on the temple and that he is really excited. He has changes so much and it is great. I love to see that light in people it is great to see that we can help them in a way that they will do what the Lord wants them to do. I do love this Area with all my heart. I knew that I would be transferred this transfer but it didn't hit me until I got the call and that I truly have to leave this area.

Hermano Danny Jensen once said as I was leaving the MTC that "The Mission is where you will begin to say goodbye to the ones that you love over and over." This is so true. It is sad to say goodbye to the ones I love but it is exciting to go some where new and meet more people and get to help them receive the Countenance of Christ. I Love this area and It will be missed.

Well I love you and I will be able to talk to you on Monday. Elder LaBar is going to be lucky and have 3 thanksgiving dinners with members at 12, 2, and 4 in the afternoon. Lucky him huh :P

Les amo,
-Elder Rasmussen

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