Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 8, 2010

Missionary Leadership Meeting.

Dear Mom, I am grateful for your letter about getting me the info that I needed. I have been doing good. I have been able to have a great day today and this week. I was in Meetings for the last little bit and they were powerful. I was able to see Elder Moffett and Pedersen. It was as Alma describes it when he saw Ammon and Aaron, I was filled with joy. I love them so much they are truly great friends.
I was able to talk to Elder Moffett and he told me that he really looked up to me and that he fed off of my Spirit. It was very humbling to hear him say that because he is having somewhat of a hard time with Elder Pedersen right now. I am sure you recall the letters that I sent home when I was his companion. But I know that he will grow so much from being his companion just as I have. It truly is a humbling experience to see them and to help them once again. When they saw me as they were on their way to come pick me up from the Office, Elder Moffett rolled down his window and gave me the largest smile that I have ever seen. He said that when he saw me, his spirits were raised and that he was so happy. Elder Pedersen has his one and only smile that makes me smile every time and he was telling Elder Baxter and Paul (the ones that I was assigned to go with) to switch so that I could go with them. I don't think I have been so surprised because I didn't think that I truly made an impact in Elder Pedersen's life. I love him so much. I was able to talk with him a little bit because I got to stay over at their apartment and they truly are some of my greatest friends. I love them.
Thank you for sending me that letter that Elder Moffett's mom wrote you. I think you should go visit her sometime. It made me think a lot of them and I truly was glad that I got to see them again. It was about 6 months ago that I got to see Elder's Moffett and Pedersen.
So about your question with the food. I am good with any food. What I believe is going on is that my stomach is acting up again just as it does every so often. It is good for a long time and then it gets bad. I truly can eat anything and I watch what I eat just like before. I don't eat a lot of fatty stuff or when I have a lot of stuff I wont eat more than I can handle. So tell who ever is asking that I am good and to send what ever. I mean come on I don't think they can send anything worse than cow tongue (by the way, it's pretty good).
I heard about Patrick Arko, Justin told me about him and that is so sad. I will keep him in my prayers.
Tell everyone that I said buenas días.  Tell the Richens' that I said hello and when Josh comes home that I said Congrats on finishing strong. I Love the mission it is great. Also tell Diane that I said congrats on the grandson.
I will let you know how the Doctor goes and how everything else is going. I will also tell you more of those stories because I have had a few. One of which I will tell you that I feel involved Grandpa Dave and Uncle Val. They truly are here by us. as I was writing that I felt a sense of reverence that came over me. It is humbling to have those experiences. That is why we must keep them sacred.
I will get a picture with Brother Hong and Eddy if I see him. I will make sure that I send it to you. Tell everyone that I said hello and that I love them. I hope everything is well
(PS we had snow two days ago)
Con amor y Les amo.
Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

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