Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm feeling much better.

Dear Mom,
I am thankful first for the letter and Ensign that you gave me. I also want to let you know that I have been doing good. The problem with my stomach is that I am not able to go to the bathroom frequently but I was able to find out that Fiber truly is bad for me, weird huh. I have been doing everything that Doctor Mikesell has asked me to do, I am going to get some soup soon and ENJOY it.....well hopefully :D, I am doing good mom. I want you to know that I haven't really been hiding anything from you because I haven't really have had any problems as of now. So all is well. 
I really enjoyed your letter it was inspiring and I was glad that I could listen to the guided counsel that I need to hear. I love the fact that you used Alma 7:11-14, this is because Leo taught me that Christ truly knew how we felt through the spirit but he PHYSICALLY didn't know because He never felt those things. I am at awe with the power of the Atonement. I was able to give Erin Berkey (an investigator) a talk by Elder Holland entitled: "None Were With Him."  This talk is powerful. She told us that it made so much more sense and that she was able to feel of the love that The Father had for the Son. I was indeed touched by the fact that she was able to see that this had to happen for us in order for us to be freed from the Chains of Hell as Alma the younger says in Alma 36:17-20 (my favorite scriptures).
I love this gospel and I am thankful for all the people that care for me. If you could please tell Diane and Sue thank you for what they do for me and that I truly appreciate it a lot. I never thought that I could have others think of me this way and I want to do the same for everyone that I come in contact with. I want to in some way help them in a way that they will be able to use the example of the Savior in their lives. I am grateful for my Leaders, I love them and support them with all of my being. I got a call from President Sorensen. I was surprised because he told me that he was thinking about me personally because of my stomach the past few days. The reason I tell you this is because I was amazed at the care that President has for me personally and then I thought of the Care and Personal involvement that the Savior Jesus Christ has for me and everyone. I was able to feel of the Love that He truly has for everyone of us as Children of the Father, through President Sorensen. I am grateful for the impact of those around me in my life. I love this Church and I am grateful for the beauty of this Gospel.
I love you Mom,
Thank you for everything that you do and Let everyone know that I love them and that I truly am grateful for this church.
Le amo,
Elder Rasmussen

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