Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Halloween; Feliz Halloween!

Dear Mom,
Thank you for the e-mail. I really appreciate it. First off I want you to know that I totally forgot about Dash's birthday. But I did enjoy the pictures.   He does look like he enjoys that hat. How is he doing by the way? I have showed a couple people the pictures I have of him and they love him.... like always.
Happy Birthday Dash!

I am so excited to hear from you and I have some exciting news I have a mini me out in Wooster. Everyone says that this little boy named Matthew looks just like me. It is funny. I also have some requests if you wouldn't mind but I will put them latter. How have you been. I have been good I have been doing a lot better. With the diet that Doctor Mikesell wants me on is to eat more soup or liquids. But I don't know how that will help because it empties the same as does my solids, and not much faster at that. But I have been trying it. It isn't very fun because I have not really liked soup that much and that is all that I really can eat at lunch. I have been doing good though....well up until last night when an investigator fed us steak. ha ha. Well I didn't eat to much but I know my limits so don't worry. I have been good with my stomach it is just not emptying that is the problem. By that I mean it isn't emptying from my body. But what can you do ha, I have done everything that I have done in the Past but I trust the Lord. I love this work.
As a district leader, I just have to plan what we are going to study during our district meetings. It is crazy. We have this new Curriculum that is simplified and it wont be taught in the MTC's around the world until MAY so it is important that we study it the best we can. It does work as well. I have been privileged to learn so much from the leaders in this mission by being able to go to the Leadership Conference. Which we have one tomorrow and it is going to be rewarding I get to see Elder Moffett and Pedersen, as well as Elder Talbot (it is pronounced Elder Tal-BIT) and that will be a great time for me. I also get to be taught how I can help my District of Wooster the things that the Lord wants us to apply. I love it. It truly is going to be hard. I wasn't expecting to be a District leader and Trainer so young in the mission. But the Lord has something for me in this work and I am excited about it. I have some wonderful stories to share. I love this work. I hope all is well and that everything is going to be well for you during the winter. I hope you stay warm. It is getting to my “Prime Time” in the year. I LOVE THE COLD! It truly is great out here.
Well I believe that is all I hope that you have a good day and that the week will bring forth much fruit. I love you all and I hope that you have a good and safe week.
Le amo,
Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

Tyler's little niece's costume at Halloween

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