Friday, October 15, 2010

September 27, 2010

Dear Madre,
So I have been thinking about what you said last week about what I want for a birthday present and what I want for Christmas, well since you can't get me the newest and latest iPad that everyone in Wooster has I guess I will just not ask for that even though it breaks my heart that I can not fit in with the crowd. ha ha just kidding I really can careless about that right now. So one thing that I was thinking about was maybe I could get a gift card to Kohls or JC Penny or something like that for a suit that I can tract in that isn't a lot of money like my ones that we got at Mr. Mac. I don't know what else maybe some winter boots but I don't know. I will have to think more. I have been doing good. I have had a rough weekend but it is better. I was at Leadership training meeting for the past two days. It was good I had to role play in front of everyone, and I knew no one really so it was fun. I get a lot of "you are going to be an Assistant to the President" and all that stuff, but I just shrug it off and do what I am suppose to do and not let pride in any form come up. That truly is a hard thing to do, I am grateful for the training opportunity that I have been able to receive, It has humbled me to no end. I have so little experience that I am very grateful for all the that Lord has blessed me with. I love this church it is so true. I have been trying the best that I can to do what I am suppose to and I hope that I have helped Elder LaBar the best that I can. He is going to be a great missionary he just has to let go of fear, and frustration. I have never prayed for anyone as much as I do him. I am grateful again for the humbling experience it is to train.
So I hear that you are friends with Leonel Fernandez, Have you visited him when you go out and tend Kandence? If you do could you relay a message to him for me. " Tell him that Jonny Rivers Called the Wooster phone looking for him and if he ever has the chance and money to call (if not that is okay Jonny has his address) 419-509-0394, also tell him that Ruth Henriquez is waiting for a letter ha ha, Tell him also that I am thankful for all that he has taught me. Thank you so much"
Con amor Elder Rasmussen

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