Friday, October 15, 2010

October 12, 2010

(I was able to meet one of Tyler's companions that he was first assigned to when he arrived in Ohio. I wrote and told him that they invited me to dinner with them last Sunday. It was a real treat for me to meet him and his wonderful family).

I am glad you got to meet his Family. Did Dad go with you? I bet you loved the food. He would always talk about his Mom's food and it sounded so good. How long were you over at his house? I bet it was along time. Tell him that I am still in Wooster for probably just one more transfer to make it 6 months. Elder Jensen and Elder Farmer are now the Assistants, Elder Talbot is no longer in Ashland but rather is getting transferred tomorrow. You need to tell me when he goes out to the house because I want to see the pictures.
Okay enough about Elder Fernandez. So Wooster is great. I have been able to learn a lot. I love this work. I will tell the mission office about the new change of the Stake Presidency. Elder LaBar has made me be myself again. I have been told by Sharon Birkshire that I have changed. I am glad for him in helping me laugh and have a good time. I have been trying to be myself ever since I have been set a part as a missionary it is weird because I am not my self but I am. But I am doing good (PS Yes you are right I probably won't ever tell you that my stomach is hurting because I know that you will get worried and I don't want that.) A question just came to mind How is Sue doing?
Well I don't know what more to say I hope that you have a good time, and now that you are friends with Leo's mom you can help her learn English and then she can help you learn Spanish. :P I really want you and dad to learn Spanish it is so great. I have noticed that I don't really care how I speak I want to send a video where I totally mess up and say the wrong conjugation but I am starting to just speak. I am a lot better that is for sure. But I still need to not be like Peter.
I love you and the fam. Thanks for writing me. Like I said I will be in Wooster for at least another 6 weeks so I will let you know what the deal is when I get transferred. I love you and Hope that you are doing good.
I will talk to you later.
Le Amo,

-Elder Rasmussen
Leonel Fernandez (Tyler's 1st companion in
the Wooster Ohio area).

The Fernandez family in Layton, Utah
I met with them last Sunday and had dinner
with the family. It was so fun to hear things
about Tyler and Leo Fernandez.

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