Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Helped start up a tractor.

Elder Rasmussen with the VanNewkirk's

Dear El Papito,
Como esta?  Como fue su dia?  entonces, I have been doing good, I have been having some issues with my stomach not emptying.  I believe that I told mom that before Dr. Mikesell called her and I don't think that she remembered from the e-mail that I sent her. But I want you to know that I am doing good and I am feeling better. I have had anxiety issues due to the fact that we aren't getting high numbers and I am suppose to be a example for this district. But I believe I have found the problem and that We will be fixing it soon.  I am grateful for the things that you have taught me that I am able to help my Companion; Elder LaBar, see and that I can help my investigators see and enjoy as well. I truly am grateful for the things you and mom have taught me.
One of those things is that I was able to help a member with his.....well, (tractor) go figure..... I had to help him get the Mower deck off. It was pretty funny I told him that I was a farm boy and he was like so do you know how to take this off? I told him, "well lets see if my dad taught me anything"...... well dad you passed I was successful in taking it off First try.
So I have been doing good I have been able to learn so many things. I have been having so much going through my mind constantly since I have been leading Wooster. It is crazy. The leadership callings that I have received are good, but I have become humble that is for sure. I know that I can't do this with out the Lord and I have been trying my best to do everything in my power to help Elder LaBar and those members of the Wooster District. I want to meet the expectations that President Sorensen has for me and also that the Lord has for me. It will be hard work, but with the lord all things are possible. I want to be as the 2000 Stripling Warriors (Alma 57:21) and obey every word of command with exactness.
I do know that this church is true and that this work is true. I wrote in my planner after planning that I would have a miracle today for Sunday, not knowing why I did this I tried to do everything in my power to be obedient. Well Dad, we had a miracle, it was amazing to see. I know that the Lord's hand truly plays a role in this work He is there right beside me and Elder LaBar and he knows the needs of our investigators. I love this work and I love this opportunity that I have to serve The Father to bring to pass is glory. I love this work. I love this gospel. I love the Savior.
and one more thing at closing El Papito. I know that Grandpa Dave is proud of his grandchildren. I have been able to feel if his presence in an experience that I hold sacred. I want you to know that he is there and that he IS watching out for me. I know that he IS proud of you and what you have done to bring up your family and when you help Grandma Ruth. I know that Dad, and I am grateful once again to know that you were brought up by those same teachings of the Gospel. I love you and am thankful for your prayers. I love this work dad and I truly want to do my absolute best in order to do everything that I Can to make you proud as well as mom. But most importantly dad I want to make My Father in Heaven proud.
I love this work.
Le amo,
-Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen
The picture is of the family we are teaching His name is Freddie VanNewkirk, He is trying to get the Mel. Priesthood and to be sealed to his wife as well. He is humble and amazing. I fixed his Tractor as stated above.

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