Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting a new companion

Elder Rasmussen and Elder LaBar

Elder LaBar, Wesley DeHorta, Elder Rasmussen
at the DeHorta's home for Sunday dinner.

Tyler with his new companion who is on the left.
Elder Cameron Mitchell LaBar from Thousand Oaks, Califorina

Dear Padres,

I have been good I have had many experiences that have happened in the past few weeks. I can tell you I am grateful for your prayers on my behalf. They have helped out a lot with my Spanish (well only when I don't think on how to speak then it is good.) I have been able to become great friends with Elder Fernandez, and I told him that he should visit you two and he said he would feel honored. I will give him the address and the numbers to the house and cell phones, he told me last night that he wants to visit you mom and dad to tell you that you are great parents and that you have raised a good son. This truly is humbling to hear, so thank you so much for everything that you both have taught me in my youth, I feel as if I have grown greatly in the past two days. The reason is that I have been called to train.

Yes I have been called to train by President Sorensen and the Lord to be a trainer. I am still surprised that I have been called to be a trainer at the end of my training. I know that the Lord doesn't call unprepared missionaries to positions such as this but I say that in all humility. I know that this will make me grow greatly in humility because I know that this is what the Lord wants and that He will help me and that I will not be alone. Sometimes I feel that I can't do this but I know that the Lord will qualify me for the job. I am truly humbled to be called as a trainer to train a missionary. I will do my best to make his first experience in the mission field a great one full of love and serving. I get him tomorrow and Elder Fernandez is going home. It is a sad but sweet time right now. I know that the lord will bless me for the things that I have tried my hardest to do. This work is true and I can't wait for you to meet Elder Fernandez I really want you to. He is an amazing missionary and I am honored to have been trained by him. But the time is ticking away and I need to write Presidente and let him know of my week (even though I saw him yesterday I can't wait for him to hear more of the week.)

I love you all and I hope that you are doing great.

Con amor,
-Elder Rasmussen

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