Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Experiences in Wooster

At the De Horta's home for a July 4th BBQ.

Mom you can see that I'm not starving. I'm
feed really well here.

Don't make me laugh.

At the De Horta's home for a July 4th BBQ.

Josie De Horta and her husband. They feed the
missionaries very well.

Sure looks yummy! Can't wait to dig in.

Talking out in the back yard while the meat
is cooking.

Visiting with this awesome family.

The De Horta family in Wooster Ohio.

Elder Rasmussen and Elder Fernandez

Visiting with the De Horta Family.

Dear Madre,
I was also wanting to let you know that I truly love you. I know that this is what I am suppose to be doing and we have had a miracle happen yesterday. It was great. I love it. Her name is Erin Berkey, she had fallen off of the edge of the earth and we hadn't talked for about a month. But she called us she was sorry that she hadn't seen us for a long time but she changed her ways completely! She is reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning and she is praying with her kids, she hasn't touched an alcoholic beverage for a month (that is a big one!) or smoked for 2 weeks!!! It is awesome to see the spirit work on people and the see them blossom in to something beautiful. This gospel is the only thing that can do that. It truly is the most correct and perfect thing in the world. I truly love this gospel and the Book of Mormon.

I am dead scared about my Spanish though. I will be leading the Wooster area after transfers and probably without a Spanish companion because they all leave after this. But I know that the Lord is humbling me for this and I am ready for it in this growing process that I will have. I really want you and dad to learn Spanish, truly you should try to. I want to give Elder Fernandez the number to the house so that he can talk to you and that you can have dad help him. I love you both and I will talk to you next week and answer the questions, I have to go clean the apartment. ( and ours is the cleanest one that I have been to, and it truly brings the spirit Now I know what you meant when you said that the house was a mess)

Con amor,
-Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

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