Monday, August 9, 2010

Been out for 4 months now.

Picture of some Happy Elders

Elder Fernandez with Elder Rasmussen

Dear Madre,
I am glad to hear from you and I am sorry that I didn't write you last week. So just a quick thought that those pictures look bad and it looks more like you obtained a pond rather than a waterfall. How was dash in the storm did you get him inside? Did anyone get hurt?

So about your questions about transfers, they happened on July 21st, and the Next ones are on Sept. 1 I believe, but no I am in the same area and Elder Fernandez is my companion still, which I am so glad about. He will leave in Sept. and his family is coming to pick him up and I will be able to meet them, although this is great for him, I still am not good in my Spanish and I am going to be leading this area soon. So I need to work hard to be able to stand up and lead, it will be hard no doubt about that, but I am trying to set goals to be able to achieve this goal. I do love this language so much. I love it and I wish that I could actually just fluently speak it but that is my perfectionist's side. I have been trying to do it much more and I have made a few phone calls in Spanish ( I would have done more but I have been driving since day one out here and you can't use the phone and drive at the same time.) Biking in the weather is very good, although biking in church clothes in 90's can be pretty hot, it is well meaningful and I love it. We have biked so much I can't move my legs. I love it though. Elder Fernandez says that he is amazed at my youthful endurance. It is funny because I hate hills so I just go all out up them to finish them quickly and he says that I just fly up them. The weather here is weird the rain falls different and it is a down pour when it does rain.

So we had a miracle the other day, and it was with a Recent Convert and she had not been going to church for sometime and was back in Mich. when she called us she told us that she was going to feed us and that she wanted to pick up Cosuelo Cuaves (she use to have a baptism date) to take her to church, her testimony was renewed and I actually had the privilege to giver her a blessing before. She is doing great. This work is so true.

I loved your letter about the TREK, I was grateful to hear that you did what I challenged you to do. I know that for doing that you will be blessed the rest of your life. I could feel the spirit so much in your letter that it amazed me of how it touched you so much. I am glad that you got to do what you and dad had been wanting to do for a long time. I know that this church is true and that we are one of the few lucky ones that have this in our lives. I see people that don't have the Fullness of the gospel and they are truly lost, but not without hope they all have the Light of Christ and they can choose to exercise it and it is great when they do and in the right way.

This church is living and true I love it so much and I have grieved that I never took it so seriously. It truly has blessed my life and I am so glad that I have worthy parents that have brought me up in this wonderful way. Thank you from the Bottom of my heart. I have grown closer to the Gospel more than ever since I have been Elder Fernandez's companion and I am grateful for your example Thank you so Much MOM I love you with all my heart.

Con Amor,
Elder Rasmussen

Again sorry about last week I feel terrible.

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