Monday, August 2, 2010

The whole group from our ward that attended TREK.

Ma and Pa Rasmussen

Martin's Cove....So pretty and peaceful.

Our family: Michel Umpenhour, Jetson Allred, Dani Gingell,Chelsea Gillman, Shianna Thompson, Breeana Chatwin, Ma and Pa Rasmussen

Dear El Papito,

Things are going good. I have been really busy, and Elder Fernandez has been in meetings this last week where I have to go on exchanges which I have to take charge of things in Wooster. It is a learning experience. I love it. I have had great experiences. One of those happened on the exchange with Elder Richardson, it was as we were biking, (I can't say that I would never fall off my bike on my mission now.) Well as you know biking can be rough in the mission. I was going and I jumped over grass so that I didn't ride on someones grass (I didn't have much time to do anything else, it was down hill) and then I made it right over the curb with everything alright. Then on the other side of the road I was on grass when I was trying to get on the sidewalk my wheel sunk in the grass and it rubbed hard on the side of the sidewalk. In the end the sidewalk won and I flew off the handlebars, did a roll and got right back up on my bike. It was crazy It was as if I never hit the ground. Fun stuff.

I bet you did brag because I see you do that all the time. That is awesome that he got his call. Is Presidente Willard still president?

The heat is so nice it doesn't bug me that much nor the humidity. We hit about 98 and that didn't bug me much, only when we played basketball in it.

I am glad that Uncle Paul liked my letter because it was a good letter that he sent me I was surprised that he sent me one (let alone not harass me in it).

I am glad that Keaston liked my letter back to him.
Mom sounds excited to be doing trek. I bet you are both excited to see where our ancestors had walked to get us where we are today you will have to let me know how it has was.

What are you going to do with two deacons you haven't had two in the longest time. it is weird to think that you have two now I can't remember that ward with more than 1 anymore.
Good luck in your Trek and youth Conference and I pray for you too all the time. Ps you should start the water fall :P

Con amor,
Elder Rasmussen

Dear Madre,
I am grateful to see that I did get a letter from you I will write you a hand written letter as soon as I can. To answer all of those questions because I don't have it with me.

Entonces I hear that you are way excited to be un abuela (a grandma) I can see that you are going to have fun. She is a cutie in the pictures that I have received from Tiffany. Does she have a lot of orange hair? 6lbs that is tiny still isn't it? I bet that you made Val very happy. How are they liking the baby?

On the Trek, you and dad will love it. It will be way personal because you both had ancestors that traveled those paths. Have you got a good set of hiking shoes or do you not get those? Take a lot of mole skin just in case you get blisters that stuff works miracles. You sound so excited to be leaving at 4:30 in the morning on a bus. I would love to get some pictures. Oh by the way I think that I am going to get a card reader so that I can upload pictures and send them to you by email. Good luck at Martins Cove.

Thank you on the congrats because it was an amazing experience to have a baptism. About the Pictures, she was trying to find you on facebook and we couldn't so I told her to find Valerie. She is a flight attendant in the ward. They speak Spanish and they are very nice. They invited us over to their house on the 4th to eat. We taught a powerful lesson thanks to the Spirit and we got them more excited about church.

Exciting things: well as I told El Papito, I flew off of my bike pretty bad you will have to read his letter because it explains more.
Mission work is changing. They changed the curriculum in the MTC right after I left. Elder Fernandez has been in meetings learning about these new changes. I was then told that he was able to serve with Elder Moffett for a day, This made me so happy because I told him earlier that I wish he would get a chance to serve with him. I have told him so much of how he has helped me out so much. I love Elder Moffett he has a great work to do here in Cleveland Ohio Mission. Do you still email his mom? If so please tell her she has an amazing son. Another thing that has happened is that my spaish has been improving but I don't see it but Consuelo Cuaves has said that she understands everything that I say, which is good because I don't know if I say it correctly. I am loving this work. I have also had many da javue experiences.

Awesome madre! That is good to hear. 7lbs that is a lot, is this for Trek? Because that is awesome that you are working hard. I think I have gained 7 lbs :P ha, oh and I have now eaten Cow langua (tounge) it is actually really good. How are the raspberries?

Thank you for everything you do mom I love you with all my heart.

Con amor, Elder Rasmussen.

Hi, July 18, 2010
Just a short note, I'm leaving tomorrow @ 3:30 a.m. for Martin's cove.
I'm really excited and so is your dad. I've been getting stuff ready for this
for the past 4 days and I ready to hit the sack. I'll write you a letter to tell
you all about it when we get back. I just wanted to send you a little note
before I left. I really liked your letter and will do what you asked. Do me a favor,
make sure you e-mail Tiffany on Monday! She's a bit upset that she hasn't heard
from you since she mailed you that package. I think she would like to hear from
her favorite Bro. I saw Jessica Willard on Saturday and she told me that she got a letter from you and that she can't believe how much your testimony has grown in such little time
that you have been out in the mission field. She said that it was so cool to see
how much you have grown. I had to agree with her. She's a sweet girl and I really
love that family. Well, I have to get ready to go to bed. Morning comes here early
and we can't be late. I'll write you a letter when I get back and tell you about every-
thing. Love you lots!!!
Love always,

Dear El Papito, August 2, 2010
Thank you for the letter I appreciate it a lot. I was glad to hear that you had a great time at Trek. Thank you for answering my question about the commandment. I am glad to see that it has helped you out to trust in the Lord, It has for me with Spanish I have been doing much better then when I trust in Him rather than myself. I have been struggling the past few days and one time when I was praying I received my answer to why. I didn't trust in myself but I trusted in the Lord. Well The key is that we must trust in ourselves before he will put a hand in helping us. We are the first step to improve our lives before he will do so.

Sorry for the letter being short but I don't have much time. I will write more next week.
so when you said that about Katie and Jetson, I totally pictured it and you saying DON'T ha ha I loved it I almost laughed out loud causing a ruckus. I Will write more next week and Thank you for the advice and I hope that all is well with the farm.

I love you all and I have had a great time here in Wooster

I am glad that you got to talk to Brother Hong he is a great guy. Tell mom I will write her when I can and sorry for not emailing her.

Con Amor, Elder Rasmussen ( that is cool that the school is named With Love)

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