Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Letters from Ohio

I will get you the address to my home when I remember it next Monday and I asked Tiffany to get a package ready for me with some stuff to help us get around and anything else you want to Love you Elder Rasmussen

Dear Tyler,
How is Ohio? Did you get to help on the clean-up where the tornado's hit? Kim Hales said that the missionaries were given T-shirts and helping with the clean-up.
We got a letter from your Mission President along with a picture of you with them. You really looked good and happy. I love that picture. Also a picture of your companion. How was seeing Cleveland for the very first time?
What was Kirtland like? Ans now, how is your new area? I hear you are in Wooster. Do you have your bike?
Lots of Questions! I'll let you answer those before I ask any more.
It's been raining here all weekend! The hay that was cut is ruined. Lucky ours didn't get cut! Our lawn will start growing mushrooms. Saturday was Valerie's Baby shower that Tiff, Casi and Kristin threw for her. She really got some nice gifts. She had to stop working for 2 weeks cause the baby wants to come early. So she has been at home watching television, putting puzzles together, and sleeping and just being bored. But if she wants to not have a preemie, she just has to lay around the house.
Tiffany has two more weeks this block and then finals before the 2nd block starts. I wish she could have skipped going this summer to school and had a break! But she is hanging in there.
Today as I was leaving for church, I heard a tiny meow and Scooter the white cat had some kittens. Now we have two more kittens to add to all the animals. That's all we need is more animals around this place. Dash could hear some strange sounds coming from the box and doesn't know what to think of them. He hasn't seen them yet. It is probably a good idea that he doesn't see them for a bit, He may think they are mice.
It was so awesome to hear your voice last Tuesday!!!! You sounded so good and excited to get to work.
I sure hope you have a wonderful experience in your area. I can't wait to find out about it.
Your dad and I went to Ryan's farewell. Saw a lot of people from our old ward. Saw Diane Reynolds there and she asked about you and was wondering how you are doing. She told me that she prays for you each day. I thought that was so sweet. It was great seeing them. Ryan talked about planning for the future. He did a good job and is excited to fly out to the London MTC on Thursday. That is the last of the group to be on missions. I attended the Singles branch conference and Shaun Allred is the new Elders President. It was their Branch conference today. I told President Willard that you were finally in Ohio and he told me with a smile to tell you Hi from him. Ben will hear Wednesday where he will be going to for his mission. He is pretty excited for his son.
Our gardens are coming up. We haven't had to water them for a couple of days. Hope they grow good. Greyson and Braxton come to Utah on the 19th of this month. It will really be strange not having you or Tiffany here when they are. Alexi is going to come out with them to help us entertain them. I'll have to take pictures and send them to you.
Just want you to know that we love you so much. Hope you liked the letters you got from the mission home. Your Mission President is a very thoughtful man to want all the new missionaries to have a letter waiting for them when they arrived. Hope you have some wonderful experiences! And yes I got your package in the mail from the MTC. Loved the pictures. I hope you remember who are in the pictures on the second set of pictures that didn't get written on the back. I could send them back to you if you want to write on them. Just let me know. Take care and can't wait to hear from you.
All our love,

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 5:41 PM, Tyler T Rasmussen wrote:

So Mom I don't have much time because me and Elder Fernandez are really busy. But No I didn't get to help with the tornado's, I am in Wooster, which is in the Akron stake. I have been told that I don't look like a greeny but I look like I am experienced because I don't look scared it was funny. Cleveland was pretty cool I haven't gone in it yet but Elder's Moffett and Pedersen did. Kirtland was amazing! I loved it, I am in the only mission that has been prophesied in the scriptures to come forth and I am apart of that prophesy to Build up Kirtland again. The new area is great we are going to start teaching 19 Spanish families, we have 5 people with Baptismal dates. Yes I have my bike but I drive, I started driving my first day ha ha. I am so sorry that I can't talk much we have to run but Hopefully next week I can get you my address. Le Amo
-Elder Rasmussen
--more next week.

Dear Gma y Gpa (madre y el papito) 6/28/10
Wow that is crazy that you are now grandparents and I am an uncle. So is Kadence Knowlton still in the hospital porque (because) she is a premie? I bet you took Tiffany's car to get out there faster huh :P. She is a tiny baby huh. That is crazy that me of all people didn't get to see or hold my Niece oh well I have a work to do that is great. I can't wait to meet her when I get the chance. She is cute from the pictures keep sending them. I am glad she is a keeper, because I don't think dad could take Dallas' dad if she wasn't a keeper.

So quick question is that Dash or Bear in the picture, because that doesn't look like Dash to me. But Grey and Brax are getting big. By the way did Glad win the trail of who gets them, or did Nisha? I bet Dash wouldn't leave them alone. Did they sleep in the tent again? you better have told them that I do miss them.

My companero is de Argentina, Ps watch the world cup they should win. and let me know. He lives in Layton though they moved when he was 11. He has been in the states for 10 years. He is amazing he knows what to do in the moment something arises, he is such a good example and trainer I love him. He has such a strong spirit. Wooster is awesome I have been teaching with Elder Fernandez Spanish lessons for some time. There is no doubt that I am meant to be here speaking Spanish. Ha ha ha exciting experience, well don't get scared mom if you do you better tell me and I will be mad because I am okay. But for the experience we drove through a Tornado warning. Oh and guess who drives, Yep me ha ha It was so wild, I have never seen it rain so hard in my life, trees everywhere, crazy wind, it was pretty crazy. But as I said I am all good! Because we had been teaching and after we finished we were driving and then it was raining like crazy only later did we find out that there was a Tornado warning in our area, but I don't think one touched down at all. Oh and Elder Moffett was interviewed when he helped with the Tornado clean up in Toledo. I haven't seen it yet I want to.

Everything here is going good, The place is beautiful there are hills all over. It is like home just greener. The people mow their lawns ever 2 days haha.
Con amor,
-Elder Rasmussen, Love all.

Dear familia,
Gracis por su amor en me vida. Gracis por todas cosas ustedes hacen para me. Le aman muchos.

Entonces sorry for the short letter but I didn't receive anything from your end so I thought I would write you a email about what happened Saturday, we had a baptism on the 3rd actually. It was good his name is Chris Marks he is 17 and he is loving el Evangelio. (the gospel).

So Chris is our recent baptism. My first, he is awesome he wants to be an example to his family in the choosing to change his life for the gospel. He is a strong man. We are actually going to play basketball with him today the 5th. I just wanted to let you know that I have had awesome experiences and that is one of them.

Pero tienen una buenta dia hoy y nucha perder la mira del Evangelio
(but you all have a beautiful day today and never lose sight of the Gospel)
Con Amor,
Elder Rasmussen

Chris Marks 17 was baptized on July 3, 2010
Elder Fernandez, Chris Marks, Elder Rasmussen

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