Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures while in the MTC

A day at the Provo Temple with some
good missionaries and friends.

Not sure who these Missionaries are, Tyler didn't
write on the back with the names. I'm guessing
they are in his District.

Another good friend Tyler has at the MTC.

What an awesome sight to see this many Missionaries
that went to the Temple together!

Trying to look serious.

The Provo Temple where Tyler went every
Thursday on his P-Day. He loved going to the

Temple Day at the Provo Temple.

This would be ME and my District behind me.
Week 4 in the MTC.

Elder Moffett! This picture cracks me up so much.
I love it. He is my best friend here, and my companion.
Week 2 @ the MTC.

Zone 20: Looks like great bunch of Missionaries!!!
Week 4 at the Provo Temple

Tyler with his two companions. Elder Moffett on left
and Elder Pedersen on the right. Week 2 at the MTC.

Elder Griffth is the one lifting me while Elder Haeret
is holding me up with some awesome weapons. Week 2

Elder Jessup. He is one of the coolest
Elders here. He has really helped me out so
much at the MTC. Week 2

Elder Warren and Elder Rasmussen, good friends.

Elder Warren and I. We have really become best friends
here. He makes my day when I see him. Week 3

Elder Taylor and I. He is in my District and he
is awesome. Both he and I have stomach problems,
but his is worse. He has told me so many cool things
that can bring comfort to both of us which we are
given these trials (stomach problems) because we
fought in the spiritual was and we were given these
problems to help fight Satan's temptations. I thought it
was cool. Week 3 at the MTC.

Elder Moffett and I. We were to look in the distance,
but it looks like we are pain. Week 3 at the MTC.

"The Pose" This is just before Elder Wallace left to go to his
mission. This was my second week @ the MTC.

Elder Spencer Wallace with Elder Tyler Rasmussen.
Both from the same home town. Elder Wallace is going to be great!

Elder Rasmussen with elder Smith. He is so funny. Week 2 @ MTC.

Elder Moffett...His watch started to work on week 3 in the MTC.

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