Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tyler's first Letter from the MTC

President Dickerson and Elder Tyler Rasmussen

Branch 20
April 7, 1010
Branch President, President Dickerson
1st Counselor Brother Llewellyn
2nd counselor Brother Stone
Dear Family: My companion's name is Elder Pedersen from Bakersfield ,CA and Elder Moffet from Bountiful, UT. My Address is 2005 North 900 East Provo, UT 84604 May Mail Box # is 219. My Preparation Day is on Thursdays (the only day I can write/e-mail) Quick thought: I really appreciate your love and letting me come to serve a mission. My first day has bee such a spiritual experience. I really love this gospel with all my heart! Our Branch President is an amazing man, he has an amazing spirit about him. Also his Counselors. I don't have much time so I will write you on Thursday. With Love Elder Rasmussen P.S. I hope everything is going well "buenas suerite! Love you all, tell everyone I love it!! Oh I forgot something, the reason I have two companions is because Elder Moffet"s companion never made it. Both my companions are great. I can see some problems I need to resolve and I have been better. I'll do my best to do God's will. I put my trust in the Lord to do my best to help the investigator. Again with Love, Elder Rasmussen (I have also been called as a District Leader)

Tyler with his companions.
(left) Elder Moffett from Bountiful, Utah
(right) Elder Pederson from Bakersfield, CA


Carrie said...

Sounds like he is doing GREAT!

Adam and Michelle Bradbury said...

In that picture with President Dickerson, is Tyler the tall one or the short one. I don't have my glasses and it's been a while.