Thursday, May 20, 2010

Visiting Temple Square one last time

Elder Rasmussen with Elder Rasmussen
at Dallas and Valerie's home.

April 7th came really fast. We all got up early and had some breakfast and Tyler re-packed everything back into his suitcases. Tyler wanted to see the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy Theater one more time before entering the MTC, so we got online and looked up when the movie played. We found a time before Tyler had to be in Provo so he said his goodbye's to his sister and Dallas. The next time he sees them, they will have a new addition to the family. Tyler will become and Uncle on his mission. It was a cool brisk morning on Temple Square. We had some time to kill so we walked around by the Temple and I took some pictures of Tyler, Tiffany and Dale. Tyler's first companion was his dad. So it was Elder Rasmussen with Elder Rasmussen. Pretty cool and he even got along with his first companion too. We looked at the time and started back to the Theater. As we watched the movie this time it meant more to us because Tyler would be leaving and serving close to the area where this movie took place. It was a solemn moment and we really felt the Spirit this day. We knew that we would miss Tyler, but we also knew that what he had decided to do with his life was the right thing. As the movie ended and we were walking out, some sister missionaries met us and started to talk to us. They looked at Tyler and said, "Are you going to the MTC today?" Tyler said yes and told them what mission he was going to. The sister from New Zealand told Tyler to look up Sister Ryan at Kirtland when he got there. Small world isn't it. We went back to the car and couldn't find it in the parking lot so we had to back track and finally found it. Off to Provo and the MTC now. Now it's starting to hit that Tyler would soon be gone. The ride was a long quiet ride. Tiffany and Tyler sat in the back talking. Before we knew it we were in Provo heading towards the MTC.

Reading names on the Statue.

Tyler and his MOM one last time.

Flowers starting to grow on Temple Square.

Looking at the Temple.

The Salt Lake City Temple

Another view of the Salt Lake City Temple.

One fine looking Missionary
Elder Rasmussen ready to Serve.

Tyler by the Reflecting pool.

Elder Rasmussen with Elder Rasmussen
in the Lobby of the Legacy Theater.

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