Thursday, May 20, 2010

Curbside drop off @ the MTC

Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen at the MTC

It's a good thing that my glasses are dark.
Elder Rasmussen and his Mom.

I wanted to take a picture of Tyler by the MTC sign. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it when we dropped him off at the curb, so Dale dropped us off by the curb outside of the MTC and Tyler and I walked over to the sign to get my picture. There were lots of families doing the same thing so we waited out turn. There were lots of missionaries and families there! It was a crazy place to be. We got the picture and then ran back to the car. Lots of impatient people honking their horns at us as we were getting back in the car. We drove to where we could turn around and head back to the drop off point. Now my stomach was tied in a knot. I didn't want to make a scene for Tyler. Dale asked Tyler if there were any last instructions he wanted to leave us, He thought for a moment and then said, Take good care of my dog and let him in the house once in a while. We all laughed, that was Tyler's way of not making the "Good-bye" a mushy one. We pulled up to drop off number 7 and stopped the car. The Host missionaries were waiting as we got out of the car. The trunk was opened and the suitcases started to come out. We gave Tyler our last big hugs and took some quick pictures and the next thing I saw was Elder Rasmussen walking down the sidewalk pulling a suitcase and talking to the host missionary. He didn't even look back. The tears started to roll down my cheeks as I said to myself, Goodbye Tyler, see you in two years. It was a bitter sweat day for us. I will really miss him. He always had a smile on his face when he walked in the door. It will take some getting use to not having him walk in the house. As we pulled into the driveway, Dash came running up to the car. He was excited to see us home. Dale and I got out and he was looking for Tyler. Tyler didn't get out of the car and Dash was confused. Then the tears started to come again and I had to tell Tyler's dog that he was gone for two years and wouldn't be here. I'm not sure Dash really understood, but I think he knew that he wouldn't be back for a while. Tiffany came home that weekend and Dash was happy to see her. When she walked in the house, Dash ran in and ran upstairs to find Tyler. We both ran up after him. Tyler's room hadn't been cleaned yet and Dash was smelling the sheets and all over his room to find out where Tyler was. He ran in every room upstairs to try and see where Tyler was. Again we had to tell him that Tyler wasn't here and it would be two years before he would be back. It took Dash about two weeks to finally get use to Tyler not being home. See, the dog even misses that kid.
One last sigh before entering the MTC.

Elder Rasmussen with his parents.

Tiffany, Elder Rasmussen and Dale

Do I have everything?

Well I guess this is it... see you in two years.
Love you Son, remember who you are.

Love you Tiff, I'll miss you, make sure you write me.

One of my favorite pictures of Tyler with his
dog Dash. Good buddies.

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The dog story made me cry.