Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don Headley's Baptism

 Don Headley was Baptized 6/11/2011

Dear Mom,
I am glad you liked the birthday card, and letter. I am still with Elder O'Donley until the 22nd most likely. I have a feeling that I will be transferred. You should send it just to him not to me. The Baptism was GREAT! he had been waiting for over 3 years. He looked so good all in white. It was so cool to bring another child of God back.
  I am glad that you got to go on the Vacation, I thought the Pictures were really cool. I love the one of Dash and you. If he really missed you for that then I can't wait to see how he will be when I go back home. I probably will get barked at at first.
Well you just told me about the trip so I guess I will have to tell you about the my week. We have been doing good. Elder O'Donley is really quiet and it is hard at times to talk with him so I have to really work hard to help him overcome his fear of starting conversations.  He is a good missionary and he is really wanting to work hard. I am glad that we had a baptism and that it was really good. Don Headley looked so good like I said and I can't believe that he is doing so well. He really has progressed a lot.
I have a feeling that Things will work out much more as the work progresses. The members here are awesome and I love to talk with them and I know that they want to do all that they can to help their friends. The work that we are doing is great and I love it with all of my heart. I truly have grown to love those that I serve.

I don't have much to write but I do want you to know that I love you and That I know this work is true.

Your son,
Elder Rasmussen

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