Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tyler's Farewell Party @ Plesant Valley Hunting Lodge

Tyler's farewell was March 28, 2010. He did a wonderful job on his talk about how he has been Enduring well from the March 2010 Ensign. What's so funny about this is at 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Tyler was still getting information for his talk. Thanks goodness for his brother-in-law Dallas. He was helping him get thoughts and scriptures for his talk. Everyone else went to bed, so we really don't know what time Tyler got to sleep. As parents, you want your children to do sell in life. Dale and I along with his siblings and grandparents were amazed by the talk he gave. What a powerful testimony he had of the Prophet Joseph Smith. That day at the pulpit I was a young man that would be an awesome missionary. Tyler had lots of friends that came out to his farewell. It was so nice to see the good friends and family come out and support Tyler. Dusty Monks was the other speaker in the sacrament meeting. It's ironic, but Dusty has followed Tyler all through Young Men's and then in the Elders Quorum. He has been a good example for Tyler to look up to. It really was a wonderful day for family and his friends. In fact, he attended Patrick Arko's farewell that same day. They will enter the MTC on the same day. Our family want to thank all family ad friends who cam out to support Tyler. We had a nice luncheon planned--soft flour tacos and all kinds of salads and yummy desserts. Everyone who came got their tummy's full. Thanks Alexis for taking the pictures. I really appreciate it.

Talking to Carolyn Roberts

Maybe he will learn to smile.

Valerie, Dallas, Alicia and Jason

Ryan Rasmussen, Grandma Ruth and Tyler's dad.

The food line.

Some of Tyler's friends.

The little cousin's table.

I'm glad we got a picture of Alexis.

Jackie, Luke and Wendy Rasmussen.

Grandpa Tonks

More of Tyler's friends.

Jacob Danger Bradbury

Kellie, Aunt Betty, Grandma Ruth, Alexis, Uncle Greg

Happy gathering of friends and family.

Kellie with Grandma Ruth.

Cousin Jon playing with all the little kids.

Tyler talking to family.

Tyler's friends that came to the luncheon.

Dr. Aaron Bradbury

Tiffany holding Maddie Coltharp.

Nice bunch of young ladies.

Uncle Greg talking to the Gillman's who are neighbors.

Aunt Susan talking to Valerie and Dallas

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