Friday, May 7, 2010

Mount Timpanogos Temple

On February 20, 2010, Tyler took out his endowments in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. He wanted to go to the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple, but it was closed for cleaning and so was the Vernal Utah Temple. It was a beautiful day, cold, but not stormy. His cousins Rick, Ryan, Bart, Kevin and Felicia came, Aunt Adele, Uncle Paul, Uncle George, Aunt Shauna, Grandma and Grandpa Tonks, Grandma Ruth, Jason and Alicia and Valerie and Dallas along with Tyler's parents, were at the temple session. It was such a special day for Tyler. He looked so good and said the Temple experience was such a special one. He really looks like a Missionary now and has such a wonderful spirit about him. After the Temple we went to Chuck A Rama to eat. His sister Tiffany met us there. She was coming back from Logan. It really turned out to be a beautiful day.....but while we were eating, a storm started and really was snowing big time outside. When we walked outside from the restaurant, all the cars were covered with several inches of snow. Everything looked all white, even Mt. Timpanogos was beautiful. It reminded me how we can become clean again when we repent and keep our covenants that we have made in the Temple. I hope Tyler remembers the wonderful day he had at the Temple and the feelings he was able to experience there. It was so neat to have family members share in his special day with him.

Ryan, Bart, Rick Uncle Paul, Dale,Alicia Jason,
Valerie,Dallas Tyler, Aunt Adele, Grandma &
Grandpa Tonks. (Mom was taking the picture) Tyler with his Grandma Ruth
Grandpa Tonks, Tyler, Grandma Tonks
Tyler with Aunt Adele, his second MOM
Dallas & Valerie, Dale, Tyler, Becky, Jason & Alicia
The future Elder Tyler T. Rasmussen

Kevin & Felicia Siggard Tyler, Grandma Ruth
Uncle George and Aunt Shauna Bennett Tyler's cousins and brother and brother-in-law
Good examples that have made an influence on
Tyler's life.

Eating at Chuck A Rama in Orem, Utah

Mt. Timpanogos after the snow storm
when we walked out to the cars.

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