Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Colorado Skiing Trip

Tim and Koren along with their boys Mack and Case had been begging for us to come to Colorado and go skiing with them. We thought that since Tyler would be gone for two years, that this year would be the best time to go and visit them. So we picked the 26-28th of February to go out and visit them and go skiing. Tiffany had never been skiing before. I hadn't been skiing for over 26 years. Dale and Tyler had been skiing and snowboarding a year ago so they remembered how. We took Grandma Ruth with us and loaded up her van and drove the seven hours to Golden Colorado. It really was a beautiful drive once we got out of Rangley. The ski resorts along the way had lots of skiers on the slopes. Everyone was getting excited to ski and we were all hoping for good weather. We had about an hour and a half drive left and Tyler really got sick to his stomach. He really wasn't sure if he would even be able to go snowboarding or not. We got stuck in rush hour traffic which was unbelievable in the canyon. I guess all the skiers were leaving to go home and it was bumper to bumper traffic. We stopped at a place that had a Information center and restrooms for Tyler. As we were waiting, Dale picked up a couple of booklets and was looking through them. He found some coupons for" buy one get one free ski pass". So we saved money on two passes. We told Tyler that he saved us some money for skiing by getting sick. He didn't think that was funny. We felt so bad for him. He still didn't feel good and I think the long ride didn't help matters. Finally we got to Tim and Koren's house. All Tyler wanted to do was sleep, but the two boys screamed and ran towards Tiffany and Tyler to give them big hugs. They were so excited to see them. It was our first time visiting them At their new place in Golden. They really have a nice place right up in the mountains. We got settled and ate homemade pizza. Then Tyler went to bed hoping that the next morning he would feel like snowboarding. Morning came and Tyler did feel better, I'm sure all the prayers in his behalf the night before helped out! We made lunches and got all the skiing gear together and left Grandma Ruth at the house and headed for Loveland Ski resort.
There were lots of skiers there. And it was a beautiful day! Blue skies and sunshine. Tim, Tiffany and I went on the beginner's hill so Tim could teach Tiffany how to ski and I could relearn. It was really tricky to get on and off the ski lift, but after a few times we got the hang of it. Dale, Tyler, Koren and the boys went over to the other runs and we were going to meet up with them. Tiffany was starting to get the hang of skiing. Stopping was another matter and almost wiped me out in the process. Our fourth time going on the beginner hill, Tim told Tiffany that this was it, she had better know how to ski...we were leaving this place and joining the others. Tiffany really picked up on skiing and we skied down to the shuttle bus and headed over to meet the others. That ski resort was amazing! The trails were wide so you didn't have people running the slow skiers down. It really was a fun family trip and it was so much fun to see Tiffany learn something new and see how well Tyler can snowboard. Dale and I had a great time and it was great hanging out with family. I said to Dale that we need to do things like this more often. Fun family memories were made that weekend. I'm glad that we did it with Tyler before he left for two years. Thanks Tim and Koren, Mack and Case for the invitation. It was a blast and we will remember it for a long time. What's funny about this, we picked the perfect weekend to ski, after that week, it was to stormy for several weekends to go skiing. Eating our lunch in the Ski Lodge

Mack on the slope waiting for the group to come down

Case and Koren stopping long enough to have
their picture taken

Dale waiting for the slow skiers to get down the hill

Case was laying down on the slope and his dad
skied right up to us and stopped throwing
snow all over Case. He was covered from head to ski.

Tyler and Tiffany on the slopes

Tyler and Case after a day of skiing

Dale and I on the slope.

Tiffany and I taking our time going
down the mountain.

Tyler and Case waiting for the slowpokes

Tyler and Mack just off the lift getting
ready to ski down the mountain.

Telling Grandma Ruth about our day skiing

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